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Female Body Photography

Female body photography involves sneakiness, cunningness and avoiding invasion of privacy laws. As all experienced Peeping Toms will tell you, female body photography is as much about stealth as it is about mastering the camera and photographic technique.

In order to become a master at female body photography, one has to invest in some basic equipment such as a 400mm and 800mm telephoto lens. Kneepads are also essential for squatting on rooftops and in bushes. A camouflage jacket will go a long way towards not getting caught in your female body photography endeavors.

Now, female body photography may also involve a trip to a nude beach such as Black's Beach near San Diego or the beach next to the nuclear reactor in San Onofre, California. In place like this, it is best to carry a cooler, with camera mounted inside for your female body photography adventure. Make sure the camera release is on the outside of the cooler so that you may fire at will (or Wilma). Attach a square piece of dark glass on the outside of the cooler and open up the lens a couple of stops as this will fool most nudists.

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Another method for professional female body photography is to use a camera lens mounted on the shoe and pointed upwards. This usually involves a small, spy camera with electronic release and is good for wherever you may find a lot of women in skirts.

And yet another method for female body photography involves rigging your own home like the Big Brother house on TV and invite dates over and film all angles and aspects of your dating activities. Women always love it when you broadcast the video over the Internet and them send them an email link a couple of days later.

The final method of female body photography involves becoming a security guard for a department store so that you may do a little dressing room surveillance. Hey, if it's part of your job, it can't be illegal, can it?

Oh, yes, there is one more technique for female body photography that needs to be mentioned. Hire a model.












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